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The Sporadic Sprinter

June 13, 2010

I have a tendency to go through periods of high activity followed by a prolonged “cooling off” period. This pattern affects many of my hobbies – running, genealogy, volunteering, coin collecting etc as well as my fitness goals. I hope this blog will detail my activities and help me keep on track.

My next thing I am focusing on will be weight loss. I have at least three sizes of clothing in my closet at all times because my weight goes up and down depending whether I am” sprinting” or resting. I can be very dedicated with my health and fitness at the beginning, perhaps too much and then I get exhausted and my interest and fitness fizzles out and I lose all that I gained.

I hope to end this pattern of sprinting and resting with my health and try to more like an endurance runner – slow and long in duration.

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