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A Sunsational Hike!

June 27, 2010

After a particularly lethargic morning David and I summoned the motivation to go for an afternoon hike.  A 10 km hike to be exact.  We decided to check out the Kelly Lake Trail.  

One of the most breathtaking scenic trails in the city… It passes through a grove of planted pine where visitors witness firsthand the re-greening process that has made Sudbury so famous. The trail is set against the backdrop of the Inco nickel and copper refineries. It then follows rougher terrain, with awe-inspiring views of the lake.

This trail mostly lived up to its description. It’s true it was a scenic trail with great views of the lake. It’s just growing up in Sudbury I know Kelly Lake is not the place I’d go for a dip. The “backdrop of Inco nickel and copper refineries” has just lost its interest for me.  

It was a beautiful sunny summer day. It’s been raining the last couple of weekends which has given a convenient excuse not to exercise.  I realized during our hike that my fitness has been reduced to near-zero since I gave up running last November. Getting out of breath walking up a hill didn’t used to be a problem. 

The thing is that David and I are going to climb Kilimanjaro this August – in less than two months. We are definately going to have to get some more practice in!

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