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Family Hike in the Lake Laurentian Conservation Area

July 31, 2010

The plan was to hike from the university to moonlight beach through the Lake Laurentian Conservation Area. I had my doubts. It’s not that it was a strenous hike or all that long but I had found conflicting reports here and here about the length of the hike; one being three times the length of the other. Not to mention that no one seemed to provide much in the way of a trail map on the internet. David confident in his navigational skills ensured me that it would be fine, relax he said. I like to have a plan. If I could have the whole thing mapped out with GPS markings I’d be in heaven. 

We gathered the crew consisting of some of my in-laws and left a car at either end. David and I had done a hike in the area back in May when we first got hiking boots to test them out.  Part of the trail has definately grown since then and I ended up with what seems like a thousand tiny papercuts on my shins from the tall grass.

Lake Laurentian Conservation Area, May 23 2010

Lake Laurentian Conservation Area, July 31 2010


At some point we must have taken a wrong turn because out “nature hike” ended up onto a city road. But all was not lost because the road lead to the Lake Laurentian Conservation Area chalet which brought us back to the trail.  The next half-kilometre was quite nice. There was a boardwalk which gave my poor shins a break and we were commonly surrounded by a sea of purple wildflowers. This brought us to the next leg of the trip. It turns out that this point was the enterance to one of my internet sources and that’s what brought about the discrepancy in the trail length. 

The trail from here out was not my ideal. It was incredibly groomed gravel the width of a one-lane road.  We have gotten used to hike under the cover of trees. I assumed the trail would narrow and so I stupidly didn’t put on sunblock. Bad idea. Our whole crew made it to the finish and Dave and I decided against doing the return trip as planned. I had had enough sun. We finished off the day with a boat ride, swimming and a bbq. Great day!

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