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Family Reunion

August 16, 2010

Last week I joined the descendants of Albert & Rose Dubblestyne (my great-grandparents) in Sturgeon Falls, ON for our bi-annual family reunion. It’s a big event since my grandpa Henry is one of 11 children. The first reunion started when I was 1 year old and I’ve only missed one since. There are horseshoe, euchre, golf and bocce tournaments, family olympics and other kids games. I had the karma of getting Don as my horseshoe partner and we won the coveted horseshoe championship! I patheticly contributed 1 point of the total 21 in both the semi-final and final games. My bocce throwing syle could also use some work.

This year I brought along my laptop and stalked questioned some of my family members for their genealogical information. I have been interested in my ancestry since I was a teenager but only recently have I made any headway. I used to be told that “adults got married and the first child was born 9 months later.” It is even rumoured that someone in our family even had a fake wedding! It was a very productive week and I added about a dozen people to my main family tree. I’ve been busily finishing our family website and it went live today.

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