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Vanity Sizing

October 13, 2010

On shopping trips I’ve made an effort to explain to my husband that women’s clothing are not made equal. That my size in one store was not necessarily the same in another store. I have never really noticed this with men’s sizing. It feels like half of them don’t even try anything on first. I’ve mostly chalked this up to the fact that women have varying amount of hips. Men, not so much. 

Image Credit: FlowingData

My perspective might be changing though. Today I came across this article via here which gives a small investigation of the size of the waistband compared to its labelled size. The worse offender was Old Navy who gave a 5″ padding.  I suppose as the world becomes more “metrosexual” my husband will also have to try on 15 different jeans to find one that fits. Muhahaha.


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