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Treadmill 3: Taylor 2

November 4, 2010

I had another terrible run on the treadmill today. My transition to running inside in the cozy-warmth has been trying. Yes, my lungs aren’t burning from the frigid air but running on the treadmill with a half-blocked tv in the background airing a repeat of “Say Yes to the Dress” just isn’t the same as running in the summer. I miss you summer.

Even though it was only days ago that I was all gung-ho about running 3 times a week with a few fast runs thrown in, today was my first run all week. And I forced myself to do it because who wants to fit in 3 runs with only 3 days left in the week? To make things worse I ran on an empty stomach. Really empty – hadn’t eaten for 6.5 hours empty. So when I bent down to tie my shoelaces I got all dizzy and out of breath. That gigantic dive at the of my run, yeah that’s me lying on the floor trying to catch my breath. Seemed like a good excuse to cut my run short and call it a day. At least I got off the couch

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