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How cold is Cold?

November 5, 2010

So I’ve been thinking about the Disney Marathon 2012 lately. It seems like a good fit – it’s a long time from now, it’s fairly inexpensive to fly to Florida from the great white north, and look at the cute medals! But Veronica and Elena have left me some comments letting me know that the Disney marathon is known to be cold. My initial reaction – “I’m from Northern Ontario. I jump into the lake through a hole cut in the ice. It’s Florida, how cold could it be?” But after the second comment I couldn’t ignore my curiosity and looked it up.

Near record low temperatures and freezing rain met runners participating in the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend. Steady sleet, 30 degree temperatures, and an occasional snow flurry greeted runners.

Seriously? Did the entire state of Florida freak out and hide in their homes? Does this happen frequently? Do you think probability-wise that this won’t happen again in 2012? It probably wouldn’t be any worse. It’s not the preferred conditions for attempting a marathon but given that I felt warm after ten minutes of running at 0C a few weeks ago I think I would survive, right? Because look at the medals, they are so cute!

Image Credit: Dave Parfitt

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  1. November 7, 2010 12:04 am

    i reallllllly don’t think that is common!! i remember last year that there was some crazy cold weather that was a big deal in florida, i remember b/c i live in tn and we had what has become an uncommon amount of snow and ice last summer, which i think hit florida some too around the same time. i wouldn’t let that scare you away!!!!! really, last year was a more of fluke.

  2. November 7, 2010 11:00 am

    Here’s hoping! It would be a shame to fly all the way from Canada in winter to experience snow in Florida! At least it would be 20C warmer anyways.


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