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Sunset Run

November 10, 2010

Dave picked me up after work today with the suggestion of going for a run. I was surprised and happy at this request. The treadmill and I have been on the outs lately; it’s been quite demotivating and he probably noticed. It was also a “warm” 9 degrees celsius and the sunset was spectacular. Even the infamous Sudbury Superstack looked like it was puffing pink smoke. Is it cheesy to say that I thought our run was romantic?

I started out really well, 6.5 min/km. Dave had to actually run to keep pace; he didn’t power-walk once. I was so proud to show off. I just snuck under my ‘run faster goal’ with an average pace of 7’59”. I’ve decided to stay with Jen’s 4 min run – 2 min walk interval. It seems like a good pace for me to get faster. I get really comfortable with a slow pace when I’m “free styling” the run. Plus the 2 min walk gives more than enough time to recover while I try to push myself. In time I will make the running sections longer but for now I’ve found a happy place.

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