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Grateful to the Blog Community

November 12, 2010

I received a comment from a stranger on my Team Diabetes blog today on my race recap of my terrible experience at the Athens Classic Marathon 2009.

I’m sorry to hear that you did not finish your race. However, I am proud of you for posting it and sharing it with the world. I did this race for the first time, along with my first marathon this past October 31, 2010. Even though I was one of the finishers there were 3000 who were not able to finish. My thoughts we with each and everyone of them. Thank you for you for your courage.

This made my day month year! It’s amazing how the blog community can reach out to each other. I don’t have any “runner friends.” I don’t frequently converse with anyone in real life about the trials and tribulations of running an endurance event or fundraising for charity. I take great comfort in reading about other Penguins out there that run and feel the way that I do. And I am constantly impressed and a little bit jealous of motivated by the road runners out there that have the commitment to keep going and improving.

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