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2011 New Year’s Resolutions

January 1, 2011

I have never made many New Year’s Resolutions usually because I doubt that I will keep them. As a “Sporadic Sprinter” I’m not the type to keep going at one thing consistently for long periods of time. When I do have an interest in a particular activity I obsess about it to the exclusion of all others. So this year I will not be making a resolution to run 3x a week all year (a secret dream of mine). Instead I’m hoping to make some goals that will suit my unique self. Specifically:

  1. Raise an all-time total of $25,000 for the Canadian Diabetes Association. Over the last 5 years I have raised $20,946.86 for the CDA through participation in Team Diabetes Canada. This program has allowed me to travel the globe participating in endurance events in Iceland, Brazil and Greece. This year I pledge to raise just over $4000 and travel to Istanbul, Turkey to run a 15k.
  2. Train for a marathon. Since the debacle in Athens my ego has demanded that I try to conquer a marathon. All 42.2 km of it. In an attempt to sucker-in a friend to join me in this insanity the fun times I’m considering training for the Disneyworld Marathon, January 2012. So I’m not pledging to run on a consistent schedule.
  3. Run 1000 km total this year.I’m a math-centred individual so I was tossing around some numbers to motivate my marathon training. I know that if I want to train and run a marathon Jan 2012 I’ll have to start with a program sooner or later; except I’m a procrastinator. Maybe making a total mileage kilometrage goal will give me a little push. Running 4x/week at 5km/run on average will put me over 1000 km in one year. Running longer runs in the marathon training will make up for the missed days? weeks? months? that I’m slacking. In summary, this is my attempt at a realistic goal provided that I don’t become injured this year. Knock wood.
  4. Obtain my driver’s licence. I confess I am 27 years old and I only have a G1 license, which means I have to drive with “an adult” so to speak. It’s kind of embarrassing. I really need to work on this one in the new year!

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