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BodyMedia FIT: first month review

April 8, 2011

There are other excellent BodyMedia FIT reviews (like here and here) but I thought I’d add my 2 cents. About a month ago I started using  BodyMedia FIT, an armband monitor that gives information about activity, calories, and sleep patterns. Since then I’ve learnt some interesting things about the system.

BodyBugg = BodyMedia FIT

When doing some research about calorie monitors in general I was surprised to find out there are quite a few brands. What struck me as most interesting is that the BodyMedia FIT and the famous BodyBugg (as seen on The Biggest Loser) are essentially the same product but just marketed (and more importantly priced) differently. In fact BodyBugg is owned and operated by Body Media. I was also surprised to find out that many of the calorie management units did not ship to Canada. Seriously? I’m right across the border. No oceans to cross or anything! I also noticed that at the time of purchasing the BodyBugg was much more expensive than BodyMedia FIT, which in itself isn’t a frugal purchase. I ended up purchasing directly off the Body Media website using a promo code I found online.

Knowledge is Power

Not surprisingly, the number of calories I burn in any given day fits well with my personality; it`s quite sporadic.  I had guessed as much but I never realized that the difference between a super-lazy day (think a bazillion hours of internet and tv) and a highly active (but not specifically exercising)  day is about 1000 calories! Wow. I admit I once used to think that I did better on the calorie-balance scale on super-lazy-sleep-in days because I essentially skipped a meal as a result of sleeping. zzzzzzzzz. But sleeping burns little calories and I guess I never thought about it that way.

Since I seem to have a terrible time figuring out how active I was during the day I have found it quite helpful to come home from work, plug-in my BodyMedia FIT, and check how I`m doing. If I`ve been more active than normal that day then I feel better about having that chocolate snack pack for dessert. Because I love having something sweet after dinner. If I`ve been sitting at my desk all day long then I skip the post-dinner indulgence.

Curbs My Guilt

A few weekends ago I had two friends coming to town on the same day. This never happens. No one wants to come to a small city in Northern Ontario. Ever. So I ate out for both lunch and dinner. And there was wine, and chocolate cake, and other yummy good stuff. It was a great day! But sometimes I feel guilty about great days like these. And the next day I plugged in my BodyMedia FIT, estimated by daily calorie intake, and I leant I was only about 300 calories in surplus! That`s peanuts. Literally.

It Looks Silly

As much as I’m crazy about numbers, it can’t get over the fact that wearing an armband all the time can look silly. At my workplace there are times that I have to work underground in the clean lab, which involves changing outfits numerous times. So there have been lots of questions revolving around my hardware. Is it an MP3 player? An insulin pump? Nope. It’s just my weight loss monitoring thingamabob. Which always feels silly to say because I’m not really overweight.

Back to the real world and the BodyMedia FIT still looks silly. It looks fine with sporty outfits because it really does look like an MP3 player. But anything else really sticks out. It’s been great for winter but now that spring has sprung it’s going to be really obvious. Weighing the pros and cons, realistically I don’t have to wear it all the time. But it’s been a month and I’m still in love with the spreadsheets.

The Verdict

I’m happy with my purchase. I wish I had bought this years ago. One day I will be less interested in all the numbers and techy-funness but when that day comes I will have learnt more about my activity levels and sleep patterns.

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  1. May 1, 2011 8:16 pm

    Great review! I’ve been very curious about these. Like you, I love a good spreadsheet 🙂

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