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Good Morning from the English Countryside

May 9, 2011

I woke up at 4am this morning not to the sounds of birds chirping  in the English countryside but to tense laughter of family members arriving after hours of driving around Southern England completely and totally lost.  After writing down the wrong address my aunt and uncle were stopped by good-natured police officer for peering into what they thought was our cottage using the torch app on the iPhone. Since all they could remember was that they were going to “The Barn” he wasn’t much help in the way of directions. Fortunately free wi-fi at a nearby restaurant provided the answers.

As I woke I had read my watch upside down and thought it was 10 o’clock, approximately the time they were expected. I felt oddly rested for what I thought was an hour of sleep so I read my book. As the sun started to peak through the curtains it all started to make sense. Since I was already awake I went for a run into town and eventually found a great footpath by a river which leads to the ocean. I’m not usually an early riser so it was great to see the sunrise, hear the birds sing their early morning songs, and watch the bunnies hop across the fields. A swim in the indoor pool rounded off a great morning to myself in the English countryside.

The Barn in Arundel, England

The Barn in Arundel, England


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