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A Day by the Sea in Bosham, England

May 13, 2011

A short skip and a jump and we arrived in Bosham to walk around the small coastal town, tour its historic church, and have a pint. There is a lovely pub and cafe along the shore that look out onto the bay. We arrived at low tide so we were able to walk out onto the sea floor. The ducks love low tide too and my cousins had a great time feeding them bread leftover from lunch. We weren’t there long enough to watch the tide come in which is too bad because there are some great pictures in the pub of tourists (and drunk, forgetful locals?) who have left their cars in the “parking lot” only to find them completely submerged in high tide. In fact most of the houses along the bay had doors higher up or retaining walls in front in case the tide was high.

Adrian, a local cousin, had promised to show us “Bosham Castle” only to find out that he was joking around and it is actually just a house with that name. It’s funny to see that many small towns don’t have street numbers, rather many of the houses have names such as Snowdrops, Cottage Hill, Sea View and so on. It makes inputting out destination into the GPS cumbersome sometimes.

In the evening we headed over to the Duke of Cumberland, a pub in Midhurst, for a pint and a beautiful view. It’s times like these that I wish I actually enjoyed beer. I enjoy a nice glass of white wine now and then but usually I prefer to drink it over a meal. It always feels awkward when multiple people are asking what I want to drink and I refuse. Most of the time I’m just not thirsty or in the mood for a glass of wine. At least not at the frequency of which the English enjoy their beer!


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