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What Happens in Amsterdam Stays in Amsterdam…

May 16, 2011

… or blog it for the world to see. Whatever.

I took a free walking tour of the city in the morning. It was raining and cold unfortunately but the tour guide was upbeat and fun. I learnt a lot of interesting things about the city. The canal houses lean forward to help facilitate loading goods into the building via a hook at the top. Why there is a church smack middle of the Red Light District and how much it costs to rent a window there. All good things to know going forth with life. Plan Z.

I meet two american girls (not travelling together) on the tour and we went to the Anne Frank museum afterward and walked around. Allison and I met up in the evening after a break and went on the Red Light District tour. Very interesting tour complete with highly amusing stories and new facts.  The black/blue/white flag with the heart on it? That means S&M is practiced there. Blue lights instead of red? Transsexuals usually or some other fetish. Also don’t take a picture of the sex workers or they will beat the living shit out of you. All good things to know.

It ended at a pub where we received a free shot and chatted with an australian couple. We had some drinks with some of the other people from the tour and waited for dark to take a walk around. Much different atmosphere. Not surprisingly men outnumbered women like 5:1. A new take on window shopping. I never felt unsafe walking around the Red Light District. I found it a really hip area. Great bars and restaurants. Along our wanderings we ended up at a live sex show for an hour and a half which was very enlightening since I’ve never even been to a strip club (message me if you’re curious). More drinks there. We walked around for a bit and they walked with me back to my hostel area.

Back at the hostel I had more drinks and chatted with some people I met the previous night in the smoking room. I haven’t participated (never have) but the amount of second-hand smoke is probably concerning should anyone want to screen me for a job. Oh dear. I chatted with another Australian, Dave, until about 5:30am and called it quits.


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