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The Next Morning is the Worst

May 17, 2011

Woke up smelling like an ashtray with one hell of a hangover. I am filled of memories of the summer I spent in Banff, Alberta when I was 21. My roommate hits his snooze button 17 more times. And not even a quick nice alarm. No it’s a jingle on his iPhone that repeats every 4 minutes. At 9 am with not enough sleep I get up anyways. Don’t want to pass up the free breakfast. Man I’m so cheap!

Breakfast greets me with a conversation with a fellow particle physicist who lives on a circus farm. What are the odds? I run into Australian Dave and adopt his group of ten for the morning. I feel like I get a few raised eyebrows as the only single guy in the group shows up in the morning with a pretty Canadian girl. Until one guy in the group notices my wedding rings at lunch and looks at me with shock and horror – “Where is your husband?!?” lol. They are travelling Europe before heading to a wedding. Great group but wandering around the streets with ten other people seemed reminiscent of the herding-cats-syndrome that was dominant much of the last week with coordinating 13 family members. It was nice to walk throughout the city in a more logical way then the twists and turns I took on yesterday’s walking tours. Even still we got lost. A lot. A theme for this week I suspect. We randomly stumbled on the Flower Market, a flea market and Rembrant Square.

I left the Australians in the afternoon to meet up with my friend Jen – the actual reason I’m in Amsterdam to begin with. Jen is at an ethics conference all week. It seemed like excellent timing for me to be in Europe this week so I joined her. Jen has a plush hotel room that her co-workers are actually complaining about and I’m staying in luxurious hostel accommodations as I splurged on a 4-person room. I actually think I got the better end of the deal since I’ve been able to meet some truly interesting people.

We met up and continued on other theme for this week – aimless wandering – before meeting her co-workers for dinner and drinks. We settled at a cafe/bar in Dam Square after dinner where I had the most-expensive-screwdriver (vodka orange) in-my-life. For 7.70 euro I was greeted with a large glass of from what I can tell, orange juice. Another 6.50 Euro for another shot of vodka. I feel like I look like a lush but I just wanted a regular drink! Oh dear.

I retreated back to the hostel where there serve double vodka oranges for 6 Euro total which I confess I believed was expensive at first. Then plan was to get some sleep so I could meet up with Jen in the morning. No Shenanigans I told her. Well 5% possibility I added. I walked into a packed hostel bar with an awesome live band followed by a DJ. In compromise I laid it easy on the drinks. I am not 21 anymore and out of practice for this type of thing I reasoned. I also has an ackward conversation with an American who hit on me in an offensive and way over the line sort of way that I won’t get into. I excused myself to go, um, anywhere else and instead I had some great conversations with a young Brit philosophy major, my snooze-button-hitting American roommate and Australian Dave until about 4:00am. Who needs sleep? I’ve been terrible at getting the contact information of any of the great people I meet along the way. I need to try harder on this. Would be nice to have some international connections should I even succeed to implementing a round-the-world trip. Here’s to dreams!

Bottom Photo Image Credit: Flying Pig Hostel


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