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In Search of Windmills in Amsterdam

May 22, 2011

This morning at breakfast I spoke with two Americans who were doing a KLM stopover after their trip to Tanzania. They had come back from climbing Kilimanjaro. And they made it to the top despite smoking weed the whole time on the mountain. Wow. I was seething with jealousy.

Matt joined us part way through the conversation. Matt is a Canadian who lives in Ottawa who was in the country for a conference. We decided to spend the day together and check out the Van Gogh museum. On the way we found the I AMsterdam sign and were super nerds and climbed it and took pictures. Evidence below:

We arrived at the Van Gogh museum to find a HUGE line. I can appreciate art but I’m not a hard-core fan so with trepidation I asked “So…how much do you like…art?” and was relieved to hear the answer – “not enough to stand in this line.” oh thank goodness! Instead Matt and I went in search of his other goal that day – to find a windmill. On the very edge of his map he had marked an X. He had planned to bike there. In fact he walked his rental bicycle all the way to the Van Gogh museum (about 30 min walk). I felt bad as we walked to find the windmill with poor Matt hauling around this bicycle everywhere we went. At last we found the windmill. Not the nicest looking windmill ever but a windmill nonetheless.

With angry skies threatening to break any minute we retreated to central Amsterdam where we had lunch at the Grasshopper. It was there I decided to start a new collection – beer coasters. It’s perfect. I’m a collector, it’s atypical considering my distaste for beer, and a perfect way to get contact information from travellers I meet. So Matt signed my Grasshopper coaster including the date and place. A nice day.


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