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Learning About Elephant Sex and Other Fun Facts at the Artis Zoo

May 24, 2011

What is 1.5 metres long, weighs 27 Kg, and is S-shaped? I’ll give you 3 guesses. Give up? Yeah, that would be an erect elephant penis. Just one of the fun facts I learnt today at the Artis Royal Zoo. One of the elephants is expecting in June and I got to read all about the birds and the bees, all 22 seconds of it apparently.

I had read excellent reviews about the zoo before travelling to Europe. Not a typical thing one would think about when travelling to Amsterdam. The reviews did not disappoint – except for the unfortunate lack of hippos – which as you know are possibly the best animal on Earth. The butterfly pavilion and the lemur monkeys were the highlights for me. Jen really liked the Pelicans. For the zookeeper talks (sadly in Dutch) they let the lemurs out of their houses to roam around for their feeding. A couple of them jumped onto the fence it front of me. It was really neat! One thing I have to admit is that after being in Tanzania on safari watching the african animals in the zoo is not as thrilling. Hey look, a lion. Just lying there. We didn’t even need to search for him in a jeep for hours. Takes away all the anticipation and excitement. I’ve been ruined forever.


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