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Flesh-Eating Plants and More at the Amsterdam Botanical Gardens

May 25, 2011

If we were better planners Jen and I would have hit up Hortus, a botanical garden near our apartment, on the same day as the zoo. Until both of our cameras ran out of batteries that day. And I like pretty pictures of flowers. Jen had to control her excitement about flesh-eating plants for one more day. And it was worth it. After the let down at the Keukenhof Gardens it was nice to see flowers planted in the ground where they should be. The grounds were lovely. I’m amazed that so many different species of plants can grow in such a small place.

This place even had a greenhouse filled with butterflies, which I’m sure were much happier compared to the constant fear of death by overenthusiastic children at the Artis Royal Zoo. It was really hot and humid in butterfly heaven but I could have stayed in there all day. Other inhabitants of the gardens included a bee colony and some ducks (with babies!). And we did find the flesh-eating plants though neither of us offered up a snack. There was also a 3-climate-zone greenhouse which was really neat. One thing stuck out though – a random film crew threatening the tranquility who we avoided like the plague. One of these things is not like the other….


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