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Order of the Red Cross

June 29, 2011
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This evening my dad, Mike Shantz, received the Order of the Red Cross, member level. He is the 229th person in Canada to be awarded this honour! Plus he got some cool medals! The medals came with pages of protocol – What side to wear it on. Which medal to wear before 6pm and which to wear after. Even which medal to wear if you meet the Queen….

It was a surprise award. He had no idea. My step-mum was in a panic all week keeping the secret. I had no plausible explanation to be at the Sudbury Red Cross volunteer appreciation dinner that I could think of. Plus I’m a terrible liar. So I hung out in the lobby and cowered in the service room in the back until it was time for him to receive his award. The Red Cross made the arrangements for me to be there and show up out of the blue.

I could tell he was touched. One of the Red Cross staff made an epic (ie. long) speech about all the wonderful things my dad has done for the Red Cross in Sudbury and Ontario. It is great to see a loved one through the eyes of others. I have seen my dad as a father first and foremost. When I worked at his office I got to see him in the role of the “big boss,” which I still find amusing because he’s my dad. And this evening I got to see someone describe him as a mentor. He has obviously made a significant impact in her life.

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