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Warrior Dash 2011 – Mud.Sweat.Beer.

July 9, 2011

I had an amazing day at the Warrior Dash Ontario. Just me and 10,000 muddy, sweaty warriors. Some of these amazing people were even in costumes, She-Ra and He-Man even made an appearance! Next year I’m definitely coming back with a group of friends in costumes. The Dash ran all day with waves of up to 500 people every half hour – this made some coordination difficult. My cousin Kaitlin and I were in the 11:00am wave, my friend Jen was in the 10:oo am wave, and her sister was at 4:00pm. Not to mention Kaitlin’s friends at 1:30pm and my co-worker at 2:30pm. Luckily there was enough to keep us occupied.

Kaitlin and I left the fiery start line to face the first bottleneck only a few hundred feet away – the first obstacle, a mud bog, slowed people down for good reason. Hundreds of people getting sucked down in knee-deep mud. Many lost their shoes, never to be seen again! Luckily mine stayed put and I continued on with legs carrying what felt like 10 additional lbs of mud. Soon Kaitlin, hyped up on adrenaline and coffee, broke off and headed up the hills with energy only reserved for one’s first race. An experience racer and Penguin-extraordinaire I stayed with the thinned out back of the pack. The obstacles were great! I climbed over a hay pyramid, old cars, slid down a huge slip-n-slide, climbed over rope nets, jumped over fire, and crawled through mud under “barbed-wire.” The obstacles were fun and fairly easy. The hills were not so fun and easy. At one point I was wondering why I was wearing running shoes instead of my hikers. I walked every hill. I did get a fabulous workout though!

It was sunny, beautiful day with temperatures reaching 30 C. Instead of race marshalls there were ambulances. More than I’ve ever seen at a racing event. Maybe because this type of event creates more injuries, or maybe because it makes it feel more “extreme.” Either way after hiking up to the top of a black-diamond ski-hill the ambulance and its stretcher on wheels looked pretty tempting lol.

I crossed the finish line, took celebratory photos, and got hosed out by some rather attractive firemen. Kaitlin and hung out in the sun and had beer and beaver-tails but passed on the gigantic turkey legs. And then we found the lumberjack! We sawed off a log with a double-sided saw and then took turns throwing a full-sized axe at a wooden bulls-eye. Epic!

If my "flexed" arms don't tell you I'm a warrior, then this sign will...


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