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Hiking the Cup and Saucer Trail, Manitoulin Island

July 30, 2011

I organized a hiking day trip with some co-workers to Manitoulin Island. Let’s meet up at 9am I wrote in an email. I figured that knowing this group we’d probably be off at 10am or so. After several Amazing-Race-Style detours and road blocks we set off at the crack of noon with a car-full of weekend warriors, a Costco-sized bag of trail mix, and some energy bars. A road trip filled with dance music and karaoke ensued and 2 hours later we arrived at our destination – well after another detour down the wrong highway since the map was in the trunk. Oops.

We had a great mix of people. DJ Caitlyn provided endless motivational road trip music and the loudest voice to the “Penis Game” (see 500 Days of Summer). Upbeat Alicja was full of the giggles with even the mention of penis, which made the game even more amusing. Speedster Cam had an endless supply of energy, dashing through the forest, and posing every chance he got. Dragonslayer Roger supplied non-stop witty replies and peanut-gallery commentary. And I, “Taylor Sawmill”, screamed like a little girl and jumped when we came across a very small and harmless snake.

The best part of the Cup and Saucer trail is the “adventure trail.” It’s nice and steep. There are caves to crawl through and wooden ladders to climb on. It would be fun to go caving one day. Cam mentioned there is a place in Collingwood – I’ll have to check it out. Some of us were less enthusiastic about the adventure than others but we all survived.

After successfully navigating 12.5 kilometres of trail we arrived back at the car park and were on to our next adventure. It was a beautiful cloudless day and everyone was super-hot from out hike. We stopped by Bridal Veil Falls for a dip. I’m been there many times but I’ve always admired it from afar. I’ve never been in swimming. Not this time – Alicja, Cam and I were the first ones in since we had bathing suits. Eventually peer pressure took over and Roger and Caitlyn came swimming fully clothed. Such good sports – always up for anything!

Our adventures continued at my place after a slightly less energetic road trip back to Sudbury. Some wine, beer, and conversations until 6am concluded an amazing day!

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