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Team Diabetes Istanbul Cancelled

August 8, 2011

Image Credit: Flickr User James Cridland

I received a call last week that the Team Diabetes event in Istanbul, Turkey has been cancelled as a result of  “political unrest in the region.” I am very disappointed. I understand that an organization has to be more risk averse than an individual so I think it was the right call to make. Personally I am a risk tolerant traveller so I would have no problem travelling to this region. Shortly before the unrest in Libya I was considering applying for an engineering position there – although this was vetoed by my husband when news in the region started pouring in.

So where does that leave me? First, I have to cancel my GAP tour. Luckily it’s enough notice that I only temporarily lose my deposit (I can use it for a future trip). Second, I need to choose a new destination. My choices for the next fiscal year are Cayman Islands, Costa Rica, Brazil, and Iceland. Due to a personal commitment I cannot attend the Cayman Islands event in 2011. I already have two Caribbean destination weddings to attend in the next 6 months anyways. I’m not really a sit-on-the-beach traveller. The Costa Rica event consists of a 8-10 hour hike up an active volcano. And even though that’s still really cool and I’ve looked into that particular volcano before it just doesn’t seem like an endurance event to me having conquered most of Kilimanjaro last year. I would literally need no training and no new equipment. So that leaves Brazil and Iceland which are Team Diabetes events I’ve been to in the past. I already have those medals! I want new shiny medals! So, in summary I have no idea. Thoughts?

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  1. August 8, 2011 12:10 pm

    thats a shame that it got cancelled. istanbul is lovely

    • August 9, 2011 11:28 am

      I agree! Hopefully I’ll make it there in the future.

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