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30 By 30: Go Zorbing

August 19, 2011

Define Amazing: climbing into a giant bouncy ball and then rolling down a hill. Hell yes is what I thought when I first learnt about this primarily New Zealand phenomenon. It’s always been on my travel dream wish list. Last time I looked it up zorbing was sadly only available in NZ and USA.

But hold the phone, while I was running in the Warrior Dash I peered through the trees at Horseshoe Valley Resort and saw a line up of giant bouncy balls!! I literally squealed with joy to the surprise of the woman running behind me. I felt the need to explain my joyful outburst to this stranger who continued to look at me like I was crazy. And so did my friends when I returned I met them after the race. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to try it out Warrior Dash weekend but I vowed to return.

Today I crossed OGOing (aka zorbing ) off the list. I did Aqua OGO where the ball is filled with a shallow and extremely cold pool of water so that you swish around freely inside as the ball as it rolls down the hill. You could go up to three people at a time so Dave and I went together a bunch of times but it was more fun to go alone and try standing and jumping around. It made me wish I had a backyard with a hill and my very own ball! And maybe a pool boy that would carry it back up to the top of the hill…

Either way I highly recommend Zorbing, check it out!

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