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Being a Kid Again at the Horseshoe Adventure Park

August 19, 2011

Image Credit: Toronto Travel Guide

Dave and I arrived at the Horseshoe Adventure Park in Barrie, ON in search of Zorbing, but the park has an all day combo pass that included mini-putt, a maze, climbing wall, and euro-bungy too. First impressions – the adventure park seems like the place parents ditch their kids while they go and do “grown up” activities like golf or the spa. In fact many of these activities have a maximum weight limit of 200 lbs which would exclude many people I know. Dave just made it hehehe…

The beginning of the day was a little disappointing. We waited a long time in line for euro-bungy. It was only when I was getting set up did I realize that the bungy cords they use look a lot like resistance bands. Latex resistance bands that I’m allergic to. With a stroke of genius I put my socks on my hands in order to hold the bands and jump up and down to my heart’s content. I chickened out of doing a somersault though!

We then waited in another very long line for zorbing. I love zorbing. I was so excited. And then the contraption that brings the balls back to the top of the hill broke when we were third in line! Dammit! It seemed like a go time to head over to Treetop Trekking, an aerial park. We arrived and were told it was booked solid until Sunday. Dammit! I was not happy.

Luckily the day turned around with 18 holes of mini-golf where I not only got a hole-in-one but crushed Dave mercilessly. Muhahahaha. Plus the climbing wall was a lot of fun. Finally we got to back to zorbing which had a slightly shorter line and had a blast! I want one!

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