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Off-The-Wagon Glory

September 18, 2011

I love dinner parties. I have more white serving dishes and trinkets than this small apartment can handle. But my OCD tendencies find some perverse pleasure in a nicely set table with all white dishes so I keep collecting more. The sad part is that I barely use them because we don’t have people over for dinner that often. So I ceased the opportunity last night and we had some friends over.

I brought out the raclette grill from the back corner of the catch-all kitchen cupboard. We had beef and veggies for grilling, pre-cooked baby potatoes and cauliflower as well as raclette, emmental and cheddar cheeses for melting. Oh how I love cheese! We ate until we could eat no more. For a while anyway. Two hours later and there was a half kilo wheel of baked brie with jam and crackers which was impressively obliterated. An hour later Dave’s sister showed up with a surprise “sorry I missed your 30th birthday” ice cream cake. But that’s where I personally drew the line. I didn’t take part on the dessert No. 3 which was mango ice cream and ice wine. I have limits people.

Image Credit: Canadian Living Magazine

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