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(Thousands of) Itsy Bitsy Spiders….

September 28, 2011

Hey, look at all the spider webs on the palm tree [in my living room]. Wow! There so many of them. Weird, there are a lot of dust particles in the webs. Oh my God the dust is moving. Oh my fucking God they are baby spiders. Thousands and thousands of baby spiders!!!

Image Credit: Guide to Houseplants

And so goes my inner dialogue this evening. Actually there was a bit of a pause in the timeline before I noticed the “dust” was moving. I’m not a super huge fan of spiders so that many webs was a cause for concern. I went to get Dave to take them down and then came back to the living room and noticed that they were spiders. And then I freaked out. A lot. I got a little manic but it resembled something like;

Dave. Kill the spiders! All of them! Oh my God! Thousands of spiders….Oh my God! What if they breed? Then there will be millions of spiders. Oh God. If we miss even 10% there will still be hundreds.  Holy Shit! Dave, why aren’t they dead yet?!? Oh God I’m itchy!

Dave cut the palm leaves down into a garbage bag. And then there was the compulsive vacuuming and washing. Oh and the showering. Such psychologically induced itchy feelings. Hours later I’m still paranoid. Gross.

UPDATE: Turns out these guys were spider mites and they feed on plants. In theory you can get rid of them with soap and water or in extreme cases like mine some insecticide. But really, there was no way I was sleeping with thousands of spiders hanging out in the living room. If I had a balcony or something I would have washed them to try to save the plants. I can buy new plants!

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