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New Shoes!

September 30, 2011
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I used to have ASICS shoes and loved them but the last time I bought shoes I became blinded by Nikes. I religiously use the Nike+ sensor technology to track my runs so having a void under the insole of the shoe for the sensor was tempting. So tempting I caved. These shoes have been fine, not great but fine. When the reached the end of their lifetime they started to rub on the side of my foot and cause blisters.

During the Warrior Dash I wore my old Asics since I they were going to get muddy and I was planning on donating them afterwards. Even without my orthodics they felt  great. Wow – time to change shoes! And then I procrastinated and ran the Nikes into the ground and ended up with shin splints. Oops. It is so much harder to tell how the shoes are when you have orthopedic insoles.

Using a Groupon I purchased in the summer I finally went out and bought new shoes at the Running Room. I went back ASICS. The first pair fit fantastically! I tried on some more because what is the chance that the first pair would be it but I ended up purchasing the first pair anyways. Turns out I am just an ASICS girl.

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