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Nearly Free Kickboxing Classes

November 11, 2011

I planned to try out Kickboxing on Wednesday as part of the company’s “2 weeks free” promotion. And then a gift from the internet arrived – this WagJag for Family Kickboxing. Twenty classes for $20. Thank you internet Gods – excellent timing!

On Wednesday I checked out the class like I planned. It was fun. There were A LOT of people in the beginners class, most likely because of the WagJag coupon. But it was kind of nice that way. For the first class there wasn’t much technique taught. “This is a jab. Punch the bag” not much more details than that. I assume that the beginner’s class is just to get a feel for it and technique comes later. I have taken Jiu Jitsu and Karate in the past so I know all the punches anyways. The difference being that in the past I didn’t have a heavy bag to punch, just the air. And man it is fun to punch a heavy bag! At the end of the class there was an additional “cardio” section which was basically summed up as: “go to town on the bag for 2 minutes.” I think I was a little too enthusiastic because I strained my left wrist – even with handwraps and full gloves.

I had a fun time on Wednesday so I decided to purchase the WagJag. Plus I redeemed some icoke points for a $10 WagJag gift certificate. So in the end each class will cost me $0.50. Nice.

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