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The Tim Hortons Diet?

November 21, 2011

I’m a procrastinator. But I can set priorities. During my morning routine the following things are important:

  1. Getting to work on-time
  2. Sleep
  3. Eating breakfast
  4. Making lunch

I’m a big fan of sleep so this usually means that I usually don’t prepare a lunch in advance and there is a good number of times that I don’t get breakfast either.  I suppose I could make dinner in advance but as I mentioned, I’m a procrastinator. Since I’m not a fan of the cafeteria that means that it’s Tim Hortons for me. Eating out this often is not only bad for the wallet but also the diet. Or is it? And egg and cheese breakfast sandwich is 280 calories, vanilla yogurt with berries is 160 calories and a Garden Vegetable sandwich is 320 calories. This easily fits into a calorie-reduced diet. Donuts maybe not so much.


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