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Vegetarianism Versus an All-Inclusive Resort

December 6, 2011

I recognize that vegetarianism is #32 on the list of Stuff White People Like and that I’m pampered with options in restaurants in North America. From many previous trips I also realize that when I travel I generally won’t be having that many delicious foodie experiences. But I thought maybe, just maybe an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean which caters to North Americans and Europeans might give me better options.

Did my hopes and dreams come true? Sometimes. I found something standard vegetarian fare but it took half the week. I first tried the Buffet at beach restaurant. Most things marked as harmless vegetables ultimately had beef, chicken or seafood included.  The first thing I went to eat was an onion ring. This onion ring tastes funny, I thought. This is when I found out the calamari was much bigger here by the ocean. Onion-ring sized in fact.  AI resort: 1, Taylor: 0. I learnt some more life lessons during the remainder of my stay.

A Vegetarian’s Guide to the Majestic Elegance, Punta Cana:

  1. Flavours, aka “The Buffet:” Watch out for less-than descriptive labels.
  2. Sea & Sea, aka the other Buffet: High on seafood. Head to the pasta station and pizza.
  3. 9 Doors, aka the Japanese restaurant:  My first real dinner. Vegetable stir fry!
  4. Asadito Steak House: Vegetable tempura and a house salad. That’s it but what did you expect?
  5. Limited Gourmand, the fancy restaurant: There is a salad appetizer. They made me a special item for dinner.
  6. Il Botaccio, the italian restaurant: Omg the choices. I’m in love.



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