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Devil’s Bridge, Antigua

January 20, 2012

Devil’s Bridge is a geological formation where an arch has been carved out of the limestone by the crashing seawater. It’s really pretty when a wave breaks on shore and shoots water between the mainland and the bridge. I heard some tourists at the resort talking about walking over the bridge to the other side, in Crocs no less. Probably not the best decision considering the bridge’s origins:

Devil’s Bridge was call so because a lot of slaves from the neighboring estates use to go there and throw themselves overboard. That was an area of mass suicide, so people use to say the Devil have to be there. The waters around Devil’s Bridge is always rough and anyone fall over the bridge never come out alive. [Antigua Nice]

It definitely looked like there was no coming back after being smashed into the coastline. Needless to say Dave and I just took photographs of the bridge instead of crossing it. On the other side of the mainland point there was a blowhole which is pretty neat too. The water on the Atlantic side of the island can be rough. I hadn’t realized how lucky we were to be sheltered from it at the resort in the beautiful turquoise bay.


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