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Paleo for Vegetarians?

January 28, 2012

I happened upon the documentary, Fat Head on Netflix which discussed the obesity epidemic. The filmmaker goes on a 28 day fast food diet as a parody to Super Size Me. But instead of super-sizing his proportions he maintains a daily caloric intake of approximately 2000 calories, which would give him a daily deficit of 500 calories. This is actually not that hard since I’ve been a follower of the Canadian style Tim Horton’s diet.  The filmmaker also makes a point to limit his carbohydrates to ~100g/day.  Low carb diets are not new but the film did discuss some interesting scientific studies which has led me to do some more reading. Interestingly enough the filmmaker lost more weight in the 28 day period than predicted by the calorie-balance hypothesis, which is what I follow. This is very interesting to me because I am always losing less than that predicted for the calories in – calories out equation.

So this topic lead me down a slippery slope. I bought a book on Amazon Kindle and I also did some internet reading. One of the blogs I regularly read is an avid Paleo enthusiast and I normally ignore the Paleo posts, but inspired I read his really long Paleo explanation. And I have to admit I am minorly convinced.

But can one maintain a Paleo-esqe diet (limit grains, sugars, dairy) and still be a vegetarian? I wonder. So I’m going to try a modified version of this whole Paleo thing for a few weeks and conduct a non-controlled study of one (very scientific!). At minimum this experiment will force me to make real dinners, not just boiled perogies, pasta or cereal. A step in the right direction in any case.

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