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Low Carb Vegetarian – 3 Week Review

February 13, 2012

After some inspired reading I embarked on an experiment of one with a goal of reducing my carb intake to less than 100 g on a good day, 150 g on a bad day. Although the low carb enthusiasts would gasp at such “large” numbers of carbs it is a 2/3 reduction for yours truly. I haven’t been following much of a Paleo diet with all the wonderful milk, cheese, and legumes but grains have been out.

The 2-week results are in. The first couple of days I was more tired and sluggish than normal. I was having a hard time meeting my minimum number of calories for the day. I’m not used to eating with higher fat foods. When I cut out the low-fat food options (with carbs as fillers) and added more nuts I was golden. My energy was back up and better than normal. And it’s stayed higher since. The weird part is that I’m not as cold. I’m normally an incredibly cold person and I’ve been warmer than my husband on some days. And who knows if anything is a coincidence but I’ll take what I can get. Also, I’m down 6.8lb in 3 weeks, a rate personal best.


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