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Finding my Inner Superwoman in Costa Rica

May 6, 2012

“Are you ready?” asks the guide. I’m standing on a platform looking over a lush jungle valley strapped in a harness and secured to a wire. This is the highest zipline I have ever been on and I’m afraid of heights. I’m not ready but I go anyways. “What have I done?” flashes through my mind repeatedly until its interrupted by the guide shouting to let go of the brake.  I didn’t even realize that I had been holding the wire so tightly.

My fear leaves me as I look to the left and see a beautiful waterfall. This is why ziplines were made.

The group testosterone kicks in and Kris does the next line in “butterfly” position – upside down with feet pointing to the sky – while strapped to one of the guides. Matt inevitably follows on the next line with the same position not to be outdone. I am feeling surprisingly confident. Perhaps it was the tranquil surroundings or the support from my new friends but I volunteer to be the next one to do something stupid zipline in a different position. I choose the “Superwoman.”

Everyone ziplines to next platform and I am left alone with the guide. He  first asks me if I’m shy and then if my boyfriend is here with me and waiting on the other side. What have I volunteered for exactly? My back is strapped to the zipline, I am bent over and I am told to wrap my legs around the guide tightly. Well hello there. I let go of the wires and glide like an awkwardly positioned bird to the other side of the valley. Again, again!

I have forgotten all about my fear of heights as we travel from platform to platform. We even see some howler monkeys in the canopy. Two lines to go and I’m feeling sad that it’s almost over. I ask the guide for another way the traverse the zipline since I feel like a pro now. “Double Superwoman” – a menage-a-trois de zipline that can only be explained by photograph. The guide seems quite happy to become a “Reuban Sandwich,” and with that I zipline down backwards, hands-free, with my legs tangled with the other woman’s around the guide. One last short zipline upside-down brings an end to the canopy tour. Amazing!

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  1. June 2, 2012 11:18 am

    oh my gosh..I dont know about that one. I think i would freak out. Was it scary at all?


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