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Canyoning in Turrialba, Costa Rica – Challenge Accepted.

May 9, 2012

One would think that rappelling down a waterfall would be challenge enough but it turns out that getting to the waterfalls was the most difficult challenge of this journey.

I booked last minute the evening before and was told that I would have to make my way to Turrialba from San Jose myself. After my uninspiring day in San Jose I would have done anything to get out of the city. I was to find the bus station and take the bus at 7am where I would be picked up in Turrialba at approximately 9am. Easy enough. In the morning I made my way in the direction of the bus station but still found that I had to ask for assistance since it turns out that the bus station was tucked around the corner. Some bad spanglish exchanges later at the ticket booth and I managed to pay in American dollars even though I was not supposed to and was booked on the milk-run 7:30am bus. Most likely because there was a loooong line of annoyed patrons behind me. Apparently there was no 7:00am bus and it appeared that I would arrive well past 9:00am. Taking a bus for over 2 hours for no reason seemed like a terrible idea and I was rather worried about this. More spanglish exchanges with a fellow passenger and I got to use his mobile phone to call the company who was rather non-nonchalant about the whole thing. Even though it was simple enough in the end to navigate my way to another city, I was still feeling quite proud of myself for doing in on my own.

Canyoning didn’t disappoint! I was shown the ropes – literally – and awkwardly lowered myself down the first waterfall. Since I’m not so much a fan of heights I didn’t lean back far enough. I ended up bouncing around a lot and getting a nice bruise/scrap on my left leg to take home as a souvenir. Nature planned out the waterfalls perfectly and they gradually increased in height and difficulty.  I felt less awkward on the second waterfall and by the third I looked fearless. I was not to grow complacent however since the last two waterfalls had huge initial jumps. The rappelling lines were placed over a horizontal rope above. The guides then tightened the rope as much as possible so when you let go you flew through the air. I had to count down from three twice. It was amazing!

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