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Rafting in La Fortuna, Costa Rica

May 11, 2012

As we pass into the first rapid I am thrown two seats forward and my head smashes into Andreas’ shoulder. Filled with adrenaline he doesn’t even notice or flinch. Dazed I make pick myself off the raft floor and make my way back to my seat. Paddle sort of in the water just hoping for this rapid to end so that I can get my bearings. Ouch! I was rather surprised at this turn of events because this set of rapids are a lower class compared to rafting expeditions I’ve been to previously in Canada.

After a soothing break I compose myself and take the reins at the front of the raft as if I’m riding a bull. There definitely is some advantage to rafting down smaller rapids. There is a fine balance, literally, between falling backwards to the floor of the raft and falling forward head-first into the rapids. Subsequently I leaned towards the former and fall back on Melissa and Andreas one or two times. One of the plus sides of traveling with a group is that they catch you when you fall.

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