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Extreme Zip-ling in Costa Rica. Not for the Faint of Heart!

May 13, 2012

Remember my inner superwoman? When she saw was confronted by cables that were up to 2550 feet long and 450 feet height she freaked right out! The forest in Monteverde is very beautiful and at the heights we were traveling you could see far and wide. But it’s hard to admire the natural beauty speeding a million miles an hour hoping not to die. So I was grateful that I could complete a couple of the cables with a second person even though Martin totally forgot to break on the first one and we can crashing in! I practically molested one of the guides on the last cable gripping under his leg while screaming bloody murder.

I was really impressed by my group though! Not only were they not super huge wimps like yours truly but they all did the super(wo)man 180ft in the air over a 1km cable, completed the “rappel” – which in my opinion was a slightly slower free fall – and screamed like champs through a 30m Tarzan swing. All these activities I took a huge pass on. I figured I found my inner superwoman and rappelled down waterfalls last week. My life experience in those areas are complete. And the Tarzan swing? well fuck that!

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