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Thirty By 30

Listmania! I love lists. Possibly even more than my love of spreadsheets.  What is better than a dream wishlist? My thirtieth year is approaching quickly. What can I accomplish between now and then?

  1. Run in a costume at a running race
  2. Write a letter to my 40-year-old self
  3. Climb the CN tower
  4. Play a full 18 holes of golf
  5. Eliminate student debt Completed 30/09/2011
  6. Achieve an all-time fundraising total of $25,000 for the Canadian Diabetes Association
  7. Obtain my full driver’s licence
  8. Run/walk a full marathon
  9. Obtain career-minded employment Completed 22/02/2012
  10. Start and contribute to an RRSP Completed 16/02/2012
  11. Do 5 consecutive (real) push-ups
  12. Get to my goal weight
  13. Hike the 23km trail at the Lake Laurentian Conservation Area
  14. Go Zorbing Completed 19/08/2011
  15. Run a 5k under 30 minutes
  16. Polar bear swim on New Year’s day Completed 01/01/2012
  17. Host a murder mystery dinner party Completed 29/10/2011
  18. Collect 5 more travel and special occasion beer coasters (1/5)
  19. Ride a mechanical bull
  20. Hike to Silver Peak in Killarney Provincial Park
  21. Volunteer for the Red Cross
  22. Visit a nude beach
  23. Jump off a waterfall Completed 09/05/2012
  24. Visit 2 more World Heritage Sites Completed 23/05/2012
  25. Learn a magic trick
  26. Collect Canadian cents for every minted year
  27. Go Spelunking
  28. Finish a full cycle of P90x
  29. Scuba-dive Completed 21/05/2012
  30. Weekend Star Wars movie marathon Completed 08/01/2012

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