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One can dream, right?

August 18, 2010

JetBlue, a USA-based airline, has an upcoming special -> the All-You-Can-Jet pass. This allows anyone to travel to an unlimited number of cities over a one-month period for $700 or $500 with some restrictions. What haven’t I heard of this sooner? This is the second year the promotion has run. Please, please, please continue to offer this special sometime in the next 2 years! The unlimited flying month starts Sept. 7 and ends Oct. 6th.

To daydream just a little let’s assume that I wasn’t already out of the country for the first week. And that I didn’t just convince my husband to spend over 50% of the cost of our wedding on my dream honeymoon where the poor guy is hiking the tallest mountain in Africa just cause he loves me. So pretending none of that is true, wouldn’t this pass just be perfect for me? I am unemployed, I’m not ashamed to couchsurf and I have a travel bug that can’t be cured. Why oh why do I get obsessed thinking about these things…San Franciso, Napa Valley, Vegas, NYC, Fort Lauderdale, Puerto Rico….

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